How to wear your summer dress whatever the weather

You don’t need us to tell you that the 90s trend is in – in fact it is huge, and looks set to hang around for the next few seasons. After the first flush of crop tops (which we have a perpetual love-hate relationship with), and big brand slogan tops (hello there Tommy Hilfiger!), we’ve relaxed into the less ostentatious 90s looks, including flirty little dresses.

Everybody in the 90s was sporting these beauties, and weren’t fussy about just saving them for bakingly hot summer days. For perfect ways to get the most wear out of this fun and feminine wardrobe staple, find out how you can rock your favourite summer dress all year round.

The classic look

Obviously the typical way to style a delicate summer dress, especially when the sun is shining, is with a pair of delicate sandals, or some gleamingly white plimsolls. And that is pretty much it! Of course in hot weather it is always nice to have simple outfit that you can throw together in instant, but if you want a bigger nod to the 90s look, simply replace your sandals with a pair of ostentatious slogan pool sliders.

Hello there raincoat

Unfortunately, no matter the time of year, we can’t always guarantee faultless blue skies and brilliant sunshine. But not to worry, since pretty and practical raincoats are all the rage at the moment, particularly when it comes to dainty pastel shades, and vibrant primary colours. Especially if you’ve a big outdoor event like a festival to attend, the mixture of the raincoat and little dress is going to look gorgeous.

Team with a pair of half-length wellington boots if it’s going to be quite warm, and you’ll have a festival outfit that Sienna Miller would be proud of!


Even though a pretty summer dress is seriously girly, there are no rules saying that you can’t style it up in a more masculine way for that cool androgynous look. Particularly handy when the days start to turn and get cooler as we head into autumn, this is a chic and elegant style to get the most out of your summer dress.

Wear long black woolly socks, some good quality lace-up brogues and a boyfriend-style cardigan in a darker tweedy shade like grey or black. Cosy, comfortable and seriously cool, this is a stunning transition outfit between seasons.

Grungy style

If you prefer an edgier look, and aren’t convinced that little summer dresses are your style, then take a leaf out of early 90s grunge to accessorise and create your outfit. Chunky military style boots are an absolute must, and will look great with either tights or bare legs. Then, layer over the dress an oversized plaid shirt (pinch your boyfriend’s if needed!) – don’t forget that you can always tie it round your waist too. Failing that a little leather bomber jacket is going to look amazing! Either way, the shirt will give that tough grungy look.

Nod to the 90s

You can always dive headfirst into the 90s look with your summer dress, and you don’t even need that many accessories to do it! First, pop on a cap-sleeve t-shirt underneath the dress – it was after all one of the looks du jour at the time and still looks chic today.

Next take a pair of branded trainers (we’re looking at you Nike Air), preferably in a bright white shade since ‘dad’ trainers are everywhere for this season. Then add in a choker, and you are pretty much there with that coveted 90s style.

Layer it up

And what about when the days are really starting to become chilly? It’s all about the layers of course! It goes without saying that you’re going to need a properly cosy pair of winter tights, and don’t forget you can be brave with the shade – crimson and royal blue can look just as nice as black.

Next you’re going to want a polo neck long-sleeved top that you can easily wear under the dress – autumnal colours in berry shades are ideal. Team with a good pair of knee high boots that are hopefully cosy too, and finish with your favourite winter coat – it’s that simple!

Find the right summer dress, and with the right accessories, you can find yourself easily wearing it all year round. If you’re a fan of fashion (we’re assuming you are too!), then you’re going to love the versatility of this style choice.

So it’s time to dig out your favourite summer dress (or you know, treat yourself to a gorgeous new one!), and start getting as much wear as possible from it, no matter what the weather is doing!

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