Site-seeing Shoes (and not a pair of socks and sandals in sight!)

Site-seeing can be a serious business, and with lots of historical sites and miles of rough cobble street trekking, it can be hard on your poor feet. That’s why it’s important to wear a pair of sensible shoes when you’re playing the tourist.

Sensible doesn’t have to mean boring though, so combine style with comfort with these sublime shoes!

For cobbles

When you’re touristing round Old Towns, cobbles can be a complete nightmare – being so uneven, they can turn ankles, unbalance even the most pro of high-heel walkers, and with thin flats you’re going to feel every single one of them. So the obvious choice is always going to be a pair of shoes with a cushioned sole.

You don’t necessarily have to wear a pair of trainers though – there are some great slip-on options that look elegant whilst still cushioning and protecting your feet. Skechers have got some great options in fun colours.


Museums and other exhibitions, although indoors, can involve a deceptive amount of walking, and although you can pretty much guarantee that the walking surface is going to be even, it can still lead to tired out legs.

You can however be a little bit more frivolous with your choice of shoe than say for cobbles – for example a pair of wedges is a great pick. The wedge will give you the look of a heel, with none of the drawbacks, and is actually a great way to strengthen your ankle and calf muscles for half a day or so. Just make sure that they are comfortable and don’t rub anywhere before you take them off on your hols.

The city hike

Some cities (we’re looking at you Edinburgh!), require a lot uphill walking stairs, and cobbled alleys to see the best of the sites, and to be honest, for this kind of site-seeing, trainers are really going to be best option.

But these days that’s not even a bad thing – trainers are really on trend, and it’s so easy to find a pair that suits your style. For the most up to date trainer look, pick the ‘dad’ model which is chunky, gleamingly white and amazingly comfortable!

So ditch your socks and sandals, and flimsy flip-flops, and be ready to do some serious site-seeing on your next holiday.

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