City Style Part 3: Moscow

There has been a lot of focus on Moscow recently what with the World Cup and all that’s going to be on later this year, so it only makes sense to take Moscow as our next city style inspiration. In the European part of Russia, but still distinctly different from most other European cities, Slavic style is always worth a closer look!

Glitzy glamour, sumptuously luxurious layering and a scent of the nouveau riche – Moscow style is elusive but soooo worth it. So why not go a bit OTT and vamp it up Russian style?

Faux fur addiction

Real fur fashion is commonplace in Moscow, but faux fur is a great and much more animal-friendly way to channel the Russian look. Go for the subtle trimming on a hood, or plunge into the trend head-first with a faux-fur coat. Snowy white is the perfect shade, and although it is perhaps just a little bit impractical, it is sure to look gorgeously glamorous, especially when teamed with a contrasting pair of dark skin-tight trousers.

The sky’s the limit

Think of your heels less as shoes, and more as ice-picks – even in the depths of the harsh Russian winter, you’ll find fearless Muscovites sporting eye-wateringly high and spindly heels. You might as well go in for the look in its entirety with a pair of knee-high velvet or leather stiletto boots. Who said covering up couldn’t be sexy?!

Leather jacket

And don’t think Moscow style is all about the girls – for the guys it is time to invest in a leather coat, preferably with a shearling collar. Remember Rocky in Rocky IV? (Yes the one with Drago!) Remember the coat that Rocky even manages to train in the snow in? That’s the look you’re after, and actually it is a great piece to add to your wardrobe that’ll last pretty much forever!

The ‘it’ bag

There are some massive designer brands selling their wares in Moscow, and on the streets you’ll find of bargain basement knock-offs too. So whether you’re budget conscious, or love a designer splurge, an ostentatious it bag is the perfect way to set off your Moscow-inspired look.

Bling, over-the-top brilliance is a great look at Moscow style, so why not give it a go.

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