City Style Part 2: Edinburgh

What leaps to your mind when you think of Edinburgh? Is it Harry Potter? Is it the formidable castle? Or is it tartan and bagpipes as far as the eye can see? Chances are, you don’t really consider Edinburgh as being that high in the fashion stakes, but it is seriously time to reconsider…

Sure it’s packed to the brim with tourists and a few gimmicky spots, but don’t forget it also has an amazing history, a plethora of unis and colleges, and as the Scottish capital and a major cultural hub, there are obviously loads of great shops too. For a smart and swish Scottish style, Edinburgh is your style goal.


Brora fair isle sweater

So when you’re using Edinburgh as your fashion inspiration, you’re obviously not thinking about light and airy summer looks, but rather layers that are going to keep out the notoriously grim Scottish weather! And as part of these layers, make sure you pick up a luxuriously soft cashmere sweater.

Scotland is known for its amazing cashmere products, with Brora being one of the most loved. If your budget can’t quite stretch to spending a few hundred pounds(!)  on a jumper though, have a good hunt in second hands shops, or check out the more affordable high street ranges.

Wee bit o’ tartan

Ok so we’re not suggesting that you go full-on Braveheart with a tam (and pompom) and kilt! But there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of tartan to your look as a way of injecting a bit of colour into your outfit. A tartan scarf is the most obvious and easiest choice, although some tartan shoes a la Vivienne Westwood would also go down a treat, and are the perfect nod to the Scottish capital.

Country chic

Say hello to the Barbour and the little quilted jacket when you’re trying to emulate Edinburgh street style. They are simply everywhere, no matter what the season, and when you think how bitter that wind can be as it rolls off the North Sea, it’s no surprise really. Khaki and navy colours are the most popular, and you’ll find that this is a unisex style that’s great for smart casual looks.

If you do plump for a waxed Barbour over the quilted, just remember that if you want it to last forever, you’re going to need to reseal it every once in a while; get some tips thanks to this video.

And when’s the best time to add some Scotch chic into your life? Probably the autumn months when the weather starts to turn and you need those cosy extra layers!

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