City Style Part 1: Helsinki

Finding inspiration for your fashion look is easy – there are so many things that can help and influence our style so why not take advantage of them?! One of the most overlooked forms of inspo has to be places, so that’s why we’ve decided to run a series on City Style, using some of the coolest European cities as our next fashion muse.

And where better to start than the cool and modern Finnish capital of Helsinki which is bursting with laidback and understated Nordic chic. Check out right here the sort of pieces from hel-looks, the Helsinki street style blog, that you need to be wearing to emulate this icy cool city.

With the harsh winter weather being what it is, Helsinkians (is that a word?! Well, it is now!) tend towards better quality clothes that are super comfy too. There is a big pride in home-grown brands, with Marimekko probably being the best known of these internationally. Producing fantastic unisex pieces that last years (seriously!), their distinctive patterns are instantly recognisable and make great additions to your wardrobe – just check out this cool striped red shirt.

Things don’t always have to be bright though, and Finns and Nordic countries in general, also love their neutral colours. In addition to this second-hand clothing is a big thing though, so if you’re a fan of a charity shop rummage, you are in luck! Look for clean lines, good quality cloth and timeless details.

And don’t forget that heavy metal is big news in Finland, so it’s not a surprise to find quite a dark look to the style on the streets of Helsinki. Your band hoodies, ripped skinny jeans, grubby trainers, heavy duty boots – let out your inner metalhead when you’re channelling Helsinki in your style.

And if you’re lucky enough to get a trip to Helsinki, what shops should you be hitting up? The Marimekko outlet in Herttoniemi is a good place to start for bargain prices on iconic Marimekko pieces. Next peruse the Helsinki Sanomat (the local paper) and Facebook to scope out the most popular flea markets. Kallio in particular is known to be a treasure trove for fashionistas. And when it comes to the big brands, head straight to Stockmann’s in the heart of the city.

For lovers of the casual yet practical look that oozes effortless style, turn your gaze northwards for inspo from Helsinki.

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