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Yummy – Manchesters First Sexy Event


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 Boobie Buses filled the streets of Manchester for its sexiest event yet…


At Venus Nightclub hosted by none other than the Yum Yum Models themselves…
Live appearances of ‘Swagger’ from Alliance ft. Viollet, Jamie Duggan, Graham Dixon, Lee Drake, Andy Shaw, Jamie Jackson, Joe Barnes, The Elektrosexuals ft. Jfmc and Marsy from Venus. 


Bouncing in the crowds we had Mayfair’s model of the year Krystal Webb, Sunday Sport favourite Katie Ryder, actress Eve Lavelle and agency director Verena Twigg. Alongside were lots more yummy girls; all of them wearing the infamous YUMMY hot pants.

Socialising with clubbers throughout the night was electric; everyone was buzzing and the tunes were immense. Real good – feel good atmosphere with people from all around the UK; plenty who compared it to a club night in Ibiza.

Of course here at YUMMY we are always looking for new beautiful recruits, so make sure your at the next event!

Gina Barrett becoming the latest addition to the yum yum team…

We decided to ask her a few questions…

Scouted: Yummy Gina Barrett


Gina… How did you hear about the YUMMY event?
Oh well I heard about it from lots of yummy people on facebook
that it was the biggest event in Manchester.

How does it feel to be Yum Yum Models newest recruit?
Oh I love being new to the team, everyone’s so gorgeous inside and out!

What’s the best thing about partying with the Yum Yum Models?
Oh I’d have to say the best thing about partying with the yummies is that no one gives a crap, everyone just goes wild having fun and doesn’t care!

Whose your favourite glamour model and why?
Oh that’s a tough one hmm there’s so many gorgeous girls out there it’s really hard to choose. Apart from all the Yum Yum Models I’d have to say Katie Price! I’ve always loved her!

Stay tuned for more YUMMY action!

Ashley Rees





Sunday Sport Babes in Ibiza


Category : Glamour Models

Arriving like divas with humongous cases Verena Twigg, Krystal Webb and I strolled onto the white isle; only to be met by the one and only Adam from Nite Life TV. Sun, sea, sand, cocktails and film crew; Ibiza wouldn’t know what hit it…

Us girls went to get glamorous, had dinner at a lovely restaurant then met with DJ’s MC Roach and Jamie Duggan. We started off at The Corner Bar on the West End where owner Sean filled us with cocktails aplenty. We were there promoting the big night that followed, this night was supposed to be a ‘quiet one’.





Well whoever has been to Ibiza knows there is no such thing as a ‘quiet one’, the drinks were flowing and guys were flocking as we told them all about the exciting night ahead. We ended up in Ground Zero the only Indie/Rock bar on the island, it really was amazing. Ibiza really is a place full of happy people and they’ve got reason to be.

 The next day was a little wet and rather funny waking up in Piss Pot Park. (A very respectable hotel establishment ha) We had a lie-in and then went to get some lunch and it was time to get ready for Hed Kandi. Again we started at The Corner Bar and made our way down to the Hed Kandi bar just past the egg with a huge stampede of troops.

Sunday sport tops at the ready we had the place booming and gave lots of girls the tops to wear so we all jumped on stage to dance. Nite life TV captured the lot for you guys to catch a glimpse of what we were up to.

It was an excellent night and was rammed! We after-partied at Ground Zero again, having tequilas around the clock. Overall it was a fantastic Yummy time in Ibiza with lots of beautiful people, trust me if you’re going to do Ibiza – do it with the Yum Yum Models…

Ashley Rees-Journalist

May 2011 Beach Boobie Bus Birthday Bonanza


Category : Glamour Models

There was a massive turn out for mine and Rosie Rees’ joint birthday celebrations and since it is getting towards summer we thought ‘Why not do what the Yum Yum Models do best?’ Strip off! So into our swimwear we climbed…

Everywhere you looked danced smiley, happy, bright coloured people. Setting off from Manchester we had paparazzi waiting outside the Sport Office to take our photos and Nite Life TV (presented by myself) was there to catch all the fun.

Onboard we had many gorgeous up and coming glamour models such as Layla-Rae Adams and Sian Hamshaw, as well as our stunning favourites like Poppy Woods. As CD’s were passed to the front and make-up was passed around the coach we let the drinking commence.

On arrival at our favourite RS Lounge in Essex, we were met outside by Sunday Sport stunner Krystal Webb. Also there was many more of our hot friends; each in brightly coloured skimpy gear. (Most provided by Nitelife Exotic Dancewear) We had photos taken outside and then we were shown to our table of VIP goodies; bottles of Belvedere galore!

We had America’s finest rapper Cream at the event; who obviously is a favourite with the ladies. Along with the last member of the Coasters, Carl Summers. With him was his good friend Blue Steel who is also an upcoming artist.

After rocking our socks off we had to end the amazing night. We all jumped back on board the boobie bus home but the partying did not stop there! Everyone was dancing in the aisles and we grabbed a yummy takeaway for the way back!

Yet another awesome trip down south…

Ashley Rees-Journalist

April 2011 Sexy Sports Mixture for Verena’s Birthday


Category : Glamour Models

40 team players sprinted to arrive for kick off as the wheels of the boobie bus went round and round – this time to Chelsea. Captain Verena Twigg said ‘I’m so excited, surrounded by so many knockout girls and guys – this will be my best birthday yet!’

Crazy antics commenced onboard as Coach and No. 1 Player Jonesyboi Jones showed us how it was done. At the services we had a random meeting with an American truck-driving dancer who popped and locked in the middle of the car park! He thought he’d got a hole in one as Boobie Bus birdies clambered half naked all over his wheels. Even traffic officers intercepted the action and had a few cheeky photos.
Arriving in London, camera crew were eagerly waiting outside the venue. Guys were dribbling whilst working on some serious ball control as babes bounced off the bus and into Club Tuatara.

Nitelife TV filmed the field of play for all you fans! Interviewing gorgeous grand slam girls like Verena Twigg, Vanessa Walker, Krystal Webb and plenty of amateur hotties! Also interviewed on the night was Dave Courtney former British Gangster; who let’s just say has no red or yellow cards in his ‘little black book.’ Cream Daddy Kool also attended the party and had flown in especially to see Verena and her Yum Yums. We also had the pleasure of interviewing him and found out about his new album – how exciting!

Dudes were spoilt for choice as honeys tried out for the cup competition – with plenty of doubles on show! The winner of the skimpiest outfit was none other than Amber, who also showed us her phenomenal dancing skills on the pole! Girls didn’t know where to look as the 50/50 guys from a totally different league strolled in. The ‘man of the match’ had to be Verena’s Brother Joe as he kept the ball rolling and everyone in touch.

As the whistle was blown ‘Team Twigg’ assembled back onboard for some extra time party antics!

Ashley Rees-Journalist

Motor Mayhem in March at Santa Pod Raceway


Category : Glamour Models

With engines purring and fuel filled nostrils everyone was geared up for racy weekend, as Santa Pod hosted ‘The Fast Show.’ Guys and gals came from all over to race in ‘Run What Ya Brung.’ Each racer makes it their ultimate mission to cover ¼ mile of the raceway as fast as they can. Some folk are just there for fun yet others have seriously modified vehicles and burn the track to test them out.

Everywhere you looked rolled unbelievably sexy vehicles.
Fuelling this hot wheeled weekend with super striking sirens was Verena Twigg. (She really does provide the best for daily sport readers!!) Burger vans aside, the girls had the stand buzzing with lads checking out their baps! Verena, Krystal Webb and LouLou Davies signed Bluebird TV and Daily Sport calendars, whilst lots of lucky men had their photos taken with the topless totties.

Verena made sure the girls didn’t go hungry as she used her valuable assets to wow the Pukka Pie man. He gladly swapped quick pie-full for some pastries. Nitelife TV filmed and I interviewed the likes of Stunt Driver Terry Grant, Porn star Gemma Massey, The Fuel Girls, Daily Sport Models and plenty of drivers in line eager to ‘run what they’d brung.’

On the Saturday night we rocked it with Ministry of sound joined by the UK’s dirtiest but hottest stunt dancers – The Fuel Girls. These salt of the earth ladettes really are something spectacular; swinging through hoops in the air whilst fire breathing – and topless! Think you’ll agree this sounds like a motor mad lads idea of heaven.

Also at the event was Miss Fast Show; a tantalising stage show of babes swearing, sexual antics on a hotdog and money up for grabs! They even had them wrestling at one point; there’s no denying it was cat fight carnage – now that’s entertainment. Interviewing the winner Jeavon Gill was a delight she keenly expressed how she couldn’t wait to get her kit off on the glamour scene – we’ll look forward to that.

Ashley Rees-Journalist

March 2011 Yum Yum Models Scout for Hot Girls at the RS Lounge in Essex


Category : Glamour Models

Hot Essex girls strutted their way into East London’s finest contemporary club – The RS Lounge, all of them eager to show us their bazongas for ‘The Sunday Sport Model Competition.’ Yum Yum Models including Nickie Ann, Stephanie Knight, Tommie Jo, Nicole Lauren, Carita, Myself and Agency Owner Verena Twigg travelled down south to judge the girls assets. Also there was Arrigo Models agency owner Dominique who brought some of her gorgeous models with her. 

I presented the evening for Nitelife TV and got to interview some of the UK’s hottest talent. Celebs like Adam Child who won Shipwrecked, Glamour Models such as Tommie Jo who’s shooting for Playboy this year and porn stars including Tracey Venus from Bluebird TV! We even had a guest appearance from Tania ‘Twins’ Amazon – DJ and Model. So we’ve got it all online for you to see ;)

Speaking with models Stephanie Knight and Nickie Ann was a pleasure, as they not only model but also do their bit for charity! Stephanie has some very exciting events coming up in later months working alongside Dominique. She also has a website with some rather hot photographs on there!

Nickie Ann is teaming up with her Bessie Vanessa Walker in doing a skydive for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. Along with actor Stuart Anthony and rock ‘n’ rock legend Bez! This is definitely not one to be missed. Flying fun bags coming from all directions and a parade of Yum Yum  Models waiting down below; I’d say definitely get yourselves down there! Please click the link below to see photos and donate some cash to the little soldiers!

We at Yum Yum Models really do know how to party and host off the hook parties every time! RS Lounge was rocking and really is the place to be!
(SEE ALL LINKS BELOW)                                                       

Ashley Rees-Journalist

 Sunday Sport Party RS Lounge Essex Video

Interview with Adam Child \’Winner of Shipwrecked\’

Interview with Tommie Jo \’Playmate of the Year\’

Stephanie Knight\’s Website

 Glamour Models Do The BIG JUMP – Click to see the Action & Donate




February 2011 Yum Yum Models Get Stars In Their Eyes **


Category : Glamour Models

Yum Yum Models Daily Sport girls had stars in their eyes as they turned the wheels of the infamous boobie bus down to Manchester… and with them had their fellow Randy Romeo ‘Liam Ayers.’

Arriving on Deansgate Locks in true glamour diva style! We rolled up in a champagne filled limo. Onlookers gawped as out popper enough juicy jebs to shut Keith Lemon up! Since us girls love Vodka we all crashed into Revolution where we started the night necking all sorts of shots!

Only partying with the coolest – we certainly chose the best night to round up our titilicious troops. We rubbed shoulders with the likes of England’s No.1 footballer keeper Joe Hart who’s only goal seemed to be sticking with us girls. We danced with Tina O’Brien who told us she misses being on Corrie. Well we definitely miss getting our favourite eye candy fill on a week night.

Bumping into Ricky Hatton had to be Robyn’s best bit of the night. Not shy to being surrounded by punch bags, Ricky seemed more than comfortable hanging around with the total knockout!

To top off the night we met English Rapper Tinchy Stryder, who put on a little show of his own for us girls. He’s a real big fan of Manchester United so hopefully he’ll be back in our neck of the woods soon to show us more!
Yet another fun filled night full of frolicking, fun bags and famous people.
Yum Yum Models do it best…
                                                                                                                 Ashley Rees-Journalist